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Dorm Bedding

Dorm Bedding: The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need for Your College Room [2022 Update]

Styling your college dorm room -- whether it's your first dorm freshman year or the one where you'll finish out the last semester of your school career -- is an exciting challenge. It's a new start. It's a way to express yourself. It's a chance to create a space that is 100% tailored to your needs, tastes, and style.

While picking out posters and stringing lights around your room is exciting and definitely gives your dorm room some cozy personal flair, the most important part of your dorm room might just be your dorm bedding.

After all, your bed is one of the most central parts of your room in college. It's where you marathon movies with your friends, marathon reviewing your notes before big exams, and where you recharge so you have the energy to take on everything that college life throws at you. Having comfortable bedding is important!

Luckily, with Dormify you don't have to go crazy scouring the internet for dorm bedding that works for you. Dormify offers dorm bedding in a wide range of colors and styles with lots of options and accessories to choose from, so you can put together your dream dorm to, well, dream in! 😴

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Create a Cozy Space with Neutral Dorm Bedding

Neutral Colors Open Up Your Decor Options But Still Give You a Great Starting Point for Your Dorm Bedding

Since it's such a large piece of furniture in such a small living space, the bed in your dorm room really sets the tone for the rest of your decor. One easy way to simplify the design process is to go neutral with big ticket items -- like comforters -- that you'll probably keep using year to year.

Why? Not only does choosing neutral dorm bedding give you the freedom to decorate (and redecorate!) the rest of your room with any color, pattern, or texture you choose, but the minimalist color palette can also make your whole room feel cozy and relaxed.

And after a long day of college, what more could you want?

Love it? Recreate the look with these classic neutral options.

Go Bold with Colorful Dorm Bedding

Boring Dorm Room? Not Anymore! Make Your Bed the Focal Point of Your Dorm Decor with Bright Dorm Bedding

Neutral not your style? Not to worry. Your dorm bedding can also be a statement piece. Since it's such big piece of furniture, your dorm bedding is powerful tool in transforming the boring, blank canvas that is your dorm room into a colorful space you actually want to spend time in.

OCM has dorm bedding available in every color you can think of -- from feminine pinks and purples to more masculine ivy and navy bedding, to bright reds and blues anyone would love.

If you want to go bold with your dorm bedding, you might also want to consider choosing a pattern that shows off your personality. Whether that means classic stripes or an on-trend geometric design, bold dorm bedding will instantly take your entire room to the next level.

Love it? Recreate the look with these colorful dorm bedding picks.

Girly Dorm Bedding to Give Your Room a Feminine Touch

Looking for Beautiful Dorm Bedding That Would be Elle Woods-Approved? We've Got You Covered!


Pretty in Pink Dorm Room Inspo by OCM 💕 ##dormhaul ##dorm ##roominspo

♬ Ocean - MBB

If your style falls on the feminine side, you might want to incorporate some of those feminine elements into your dorm decor as well. Whatever that means for you -- whether you're a fan of frills, florals, pastel palettes, or you're just looking for dorm bedding that comes in timeless, pretty pink -- there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether your dorm aesthetic is princess-chic, fairy core, or something completely different, OCM has you covered with trendy girly dorm bedding picks anyone with a feminine aesthetic is sure to love.

Love it? Recreate the look with these feminine dorm bedding picks.

Classic, High-Quality Dorm Bedding for Guys

Build a Cool, Masculine Dorm Space from Your Dorm Bedding Up

Not everyone's ideal dorm room is going to be pastel. Whether you're going for a more masculine look or you just want to break up the monotony of white dorm room walls with classic colors like navy, burgundy, or ivy, OCM has plenty of options.

Plus, when you buy dorm bedding from OCM you can rest assured that it's made out of quality materials that will hold up through study sessions, late night gaming, and anything else you might throw at it.

Love it? Recreate the look with these dorm bedding picks for guys.

Upgrade Your Bed with High Quality Sheets

Customize Your Bedding to Fit Your Style with Microfiber, Cotton, and Satin Sheet Options

Dorm beds can be hard to shop for -- as a rule, they come in size Twin XL (or if you're lucky, maybe even Full XL), and you can't find sheets that fit them just anywhere.

Our goal is to make shopping for dorm essentials simple, which is why we offer lots of solid and patterned sheet sets made to fit dorm beds. We recommend stocking up a couple of sets. That way, if you need to toss your sheets in the wash you don't have to wait around the laundry room all day before your bed is usable again.

Cotton sheets are a staple because they are comfortable and breathable. Microfiber sheets are another great option for dorm bedding because they are soft and easy to maintain. You might also want to check out flannel sheets, which are great if your campus gets cold in the winter, or satin sheets to give your bed an extra boost of luxury.

Love it? Stock up on sheet sets in your favorite fabrics.

Pack Your Bed with Comfy Pillows

Floor Pillows, Body Pillows, and Accent Pillows, Oh My! Stock Up on All the Essentials to Keep Your Bed Cozy

When you think of dorm room bedding, you probably think of comforters and sheets and blankets, but pillows are an equally important part of putting together the ultimate dorm bed!

Grabbing a few different sizes and shapes of pillows is a great way to make sure your bed will be comfy no matter what you're doing. Study sesh? Grab a backrest pillow for some extra support. Settling in for the night? Snuggle up with a body pillow and catch some z's. Want your room to look extra polished because you're hosting a group project planning session or parent's weekend is coming up? Accent pillows can tie your whole room together.

Love it? Pick up some pillows to complete your bedding.

Bundle Up with Blankets + Throws

Stay Snuggly Whatever the Weather When You Stock Up on Blankets and Throws for Every Occassion


I was today years old when I learned how to fold a blanket ##lifehack

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

If you don't have a stockpile of cozy blankets in a storage trunk somewhere, now is a great time to invest! Blankets are a must when it comes to dorm room bedding. Between AC when it's hot out and less-than-modern insulation when it's cold, having and extra layer of bedding is definitely a plus.

Stocking up on blankets is also a great way to be prepared for everything college life throws at you. Need some extra comfort for an all-nighter or movie night with your floor mates? There's a blanket for that. What if you wanna head outside and soak up some sunshine on the quad? There's a blanket for that too.

Love it? Cozy up with these best-selling dorm blankets + throws.

Complete Your Dorm Bedding with a Headboard

Headboards Are a Great Way to Add Some Extra Style to the Bed in Your College Dorm Room

College is an exciting time in your life! It's a fresh start, a real opportunity to go out on your own. If a stylish, chic, or otherwise grown-up space to call your own is part of your vision for college life, the ultra basic bed frame that comes standard in most dorms may not hit the mark.

Luckily, there's an easy fix -- adding a headboard! Not only will having an upholstered headboard add some extra color and style to your dorm room bed, it also makes your bed that much cozier. Win-win!

Love it? Add a comfy + sophisticated headboard to your dorm room bed.

Dorm Bedding Accessories You'll Want in Your Room ASAP

Transform Your Bed into a Truly Functional Space with Fun Extras Like Storage Options + Other Dorm Bed Accessories

When you move into a dorm room, there isn't much to work with -- a bed, a desk, maybe a dresser or closet. That's about it. So the furniture you do have often has to be multifunctional.

If you find yourself using your dorm bed as a bed/office/home entertainment center, you're definitely not alone. Adding a few extra things to your dorm room shopping list -- like some storage, lap trays, extra lighting, and other dorm bedding accessories -- can make a huge difference.

Love it? Finish your dorm bed with some awesome accessories.