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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

The spring season is coming, and with that comes bright spring colors! Spring is when the whites and grays of winter transform into blue skies, lush greenery, and multicolor flowers. You might want to make your dorm room reflect this brighter environment. With use of the right colors, you can transfer the energy you’ll feel outdoors into your dorm room during this time. You can set your space up to look like a spring paradise. Whenever you're indoors, you can still be reminded of all the color there is outside. You can have your room decorated for spring throughout every season. Why not have a room that reminds you of spring during the fall and the winter?

Image courtesy of Dormify

Green is one of the colors most associated with spring. During the springtime, green dominates the outdoors. The bare grass and trees become a full, vibrant green that you will see everywhere. Using this color will go a long way to associate your dorm room with spring. It’s a color that connects us to nature since it's so heavily associated with it. There are many different shades of green that you can choose from to accomplish this look. There is emerald green, spring green, mint green, and army green. Any of these greens will have your dorm room looking like spring. If you’ve decided that you want your dorm room green, the next step is to figure out just how you will use it. We have some great tips on how to create an aesthetic green dorm room that is perfect for the coming season!

  • Single Color Green 
  • Green Accent Pieces
  • Green Plants
  • Green Statement Piece
  • Green Paired with Another Color 

Single Color Green

Using a single color can have a major effect on a room’s atmosphere. 

dormify green bedding and poster art
Image courtesy of Dormify

A dorm room with a single color for a theme can look really good, especially when that color is green. That means that green will be the dominant color in your bedroom. To pull off this style, you will have to choose green for every room decoration you are able to, your bed sheets, wall hangings, your curtains, and whatever else you can make green. This will give you super bright and vibrant results. You should also have a lot of fun with your green shades and patterns. It will keep your room from appearing too monotone even with the single color theme. 

Using different shades of green for most items will give the room depth. This theme will make your dorm room appear both cool and neat. There is something exciting about leaning all the way into bright color, but it won’t end up looking too wild. The single color will make your space look neat and give it a put-together feel. 

Green Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are normally small, but make a big impact when used in abundance. 

One way to fill your room with green is to use accent pieces. Instead of making the main elements in your room green, fill it with many small green objects. Green can end up making just as powerful a statement when used in this way. The main elements in your room can be anything that looks good with green. The green will end up standing out a lot more if you are to use neutral colors. 

There are many ways to incorporate green accent pieces into your space. There are throw blankets, throw pillows, storage containers, rugs, and wall art. A combination of these things plus any other small green bedroom items you can find will make all the green in your room stand out in a really cool way. 

dormify fuzzy green blanket
Adding a green blanket to your dorm decor can rest on your bed or couch and be a great cozy addition to your space! This green will stand out a lot when placed against neutral or faint colors. Image courtesy of Dormify
green dorm room decor with bed and posters
Image courtesy of Dormify

Throw pillows are a great option for adding a small green accent piece to your dorm room. It will look great paired with several bright colors and all neutral colors. You can get several of these and place them on different surfaces in your room.

Green Plants

Plants are a big part of what makes the spring season what it is. You can bring that green vibe into your dorm room. 

This room is lush with gorgeous plant life. Image courtesy of Access Scholarships

Plants can add a lot of the color green into a dorm room. You can add plants to add even more green to a room or even use them on their own. If you use enough plants, they will be able to turn your dorm room into a green oasis on their own. If you’re worried about taking care of plants while also focusing on your school work, we assure you that won’t be much of a problem. Certain plants can very much survive and even thrive in an indoor space with little maintenance. There are plants that only need to be watered every few weeks. You just have to know what to get. 

Not every plant needs tons of attention and sunlight. Some of those plants include cacti, bamboo, ferns, and aloe vera plants. Cacti require very minimal maintenance. They will be just fine if you forget to water them for a while because of how they store water to survive in their dry natural habitats. It is the perfect plant for a busy college student! Bamboo is another low maintenance plant that will improve your dorm room’s appearance. Aloe vera is another one, as it can thrive with just medium levels of sunlight. Some of these plants only need to be watered once a month. They are perfect for busy college students. 

Snake Plant

Snake plants are easy to grow and easy to maintain because they are practically indestructible. They can thrive in dark areas as well as they can in bright sunlight. But even though they will stay alive when left in the dark, they won’t grow as much. Snake plants grow a lot faster when kept in the sunlight. While this plant is just fine if it’s left underwatered, it does not do too well if it is overwatered. 

Pothos Plant 

These plants can grow into very long vines. Image courtesy of Indoor Plants World

A pothos plant is another one that is easy to care for. They do well with bright lighting and in dim lighting. They also do just as well in soil that is low in nutrients as they do in high nutrient soils. Pothos plants can grow when kept in a vase with water just as well as they can grow in soil. This plant does very well when kept inside at average room temperatures. 

It is easy for it to grow to long lengths, so you have to make sure to keep it trimmed, unless unruly vines across your room fit the look you want to achieve. You can set them up to display along your bedroom walls. Vines along your walls can make your room look like a garden. You can even get fake plants that look similar to pothos plants if maintaining super long pothos sounds like too much. 

Monstera Plant

A monstera plant is a tropical plant that does best in bright yet indirect sunlight. It needs to be kept in a room that gets lots of natural sunlight, but kept away from windows where it would get too much sunlight. Room temperature is ideal for a monstera plant. You must also make sure not to water it too often. You should only water it once the soil has gone dry. These plants can grow quite large. If that is something you want to avoid, keep them in more dimly lit areas so they won’t grow too out of control. 

Green Statement Piece

A statement green wall will make this spring color a prominent one in your space. 

This pretty green wall is a huge attention grabber. Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

You can decorate with the color green in a big way with a large statement piece. Your dorm room can be decorated with any color, preferably ones that will look good with green, and then you can add a statement piece to it. This statement piece should make green the dominant color in your dorm room even if nothing else is green. You want it to be something that sticks out from the rest of the items in your room. It should be the first thing that anyone sees when they step inside. 

A good statement piece that can dominate the room would be something that goes onto the wall. It should be something that takes up a lot of wall space and stands out from the rest of the room. One good option would be a tapestry. A large tapestry can change the whole vibe of a room. Another way to do this would be to use temporary wallpaper. Temporary wallpaper will completely set the theme of your dorm room and can be easily removed when it needs to be. 

green and white tapestry
Image courtesy of Dormify

This tapestry will make a statement when placed against your wall. It is made from lightweight polyester that makes it easy to pack. To achieve the look of a bold statement piece, you should get the largest size that will fit on your walls to make sure green stands out as a prominent color. This tapestry can completely set the tone of your bedroom.

Green Paired with Another Color

Certain colors look amazing when paired with green. 

green, white and pink dorm room decor
Image courtesy of Dormify

Green can look awesome when paired with other colors. Just one other color that is complementary to green will look amazing when used along with it. Green is an easy color to find matches for, especially among spring colors. Outside, you’ll see many colors paired with green. There are all the flowers with green stems, trees filled with leaves and flowers, and green grass contrasted with colored buildings and pavement. When you decide on the right colors, you then have to choose how to pair those colors together to look their best. 

Some colors that look really good with green are pink, yellow, orange, and red. Any one of these colors will work very well alongside green and help to give your room a springtime vibe. You also have to coordinate your items well. Make sure the colors you decide on fit together in the space. If the theme you choose is green and yellow, if you get a green comforter, add yellow pillows to the bed. Add green throw pillows to a yellow chair. Yellow and green wall decorations will also go a long way. Focusing on just two colors will give your dorm room a somewhat sophisticated look even when you’re using incredibly bright colors that typically give off a more fun vibe. 

An aesthetic green dorm room is easy to achieve when you know what to aim for. Whether you use green sparsely or in abundance, it will remind you of nature during the spring. A bedroom dominated by green will give your room fun spring vibes all season long!

Embracing the spirit of spring within your dorm room has never been more delightful, as the vibrant colors of the season offer a refreshing change from the winter's monochromatic palette. The essence of spring, characterized by blooming flora and vibrant greenery, can be effortlessly translated into your living space, allowing you to relish the charm of this season all year round.

Green, the hallmark hue of spring, becomes a transformative force when applied to your dorm room decor. From lush forests to verdant meadows, green has long symbolized the vitality of nature. By infusing this color into your surroundings, you forge an immediate connection with the outdoors, even when confined to indoor spaces. With shades ranging from emerald to mint, and patterns that add depth and intrigue, the single-color theme beckons you into a harmonious realm of vibrant serenity.

The strategic use of green accent pieces also provides a nuanced approach to capturing the essence of spring. These small yet impactful additions usher in a sense of balance and rejuvenation. A symphony of throw blankets, pillows, and wall art, complemented by neutral tones, orchestrates a visual feast that is both comforting and invigorating.

Inviting nature indoors takes center stage with the introduction of plants. Their presence not only infuses a lively splash of green but also enhances the air quality and atmosphere of your living space. Opt for low-maintenance companions such as cacti, bamboo, ferns, and aloe vera, ensuring that the vibrant energy of spring thrives within your room without demanding excessive attention.

In crafting an aesthetic green dorm room, you craft an oasis of perpetual springtime joy. Whether you indulge in the monochromatic allure, embrace the vibrancy of accent pieces, invite nature's beauty indoors, create a standout statement, or merge green with complementary hues, your dorm room becomes a reflection of the vibrant world beyond its walls. So, as the seasons shift and transform, your sanctuary remains a celebration of spring's everlasting spirit.

Student in dorm laying on her bedding