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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 has been trying (and that’s being generous). For first-year college students, seniors, and everyone in between, dorm life has looked like it never has before. Whether you’ve been attending Zoom university from a dorm room or your childhood home, there’s no denying the importance of your surrounding four walls--whatever they may look like. 

Home has always been where the heart is, but now, it’s where our worlds are. There’s no doubt that our living spaces affect the state of our mental health. So with that, it’s essential to make sure it embodies what we need at any given moment. This past year, you may have already started having fun with your physical environment. Maybe you’ve looked into feng shui or started Maria Kondo-ing your life. And if you haven’t, now might be the time to start!   

With this whirlwind year coming to a close, a lot of us are looking ahead with some much-needed hopefulness. Even if you’re not the resolution type, setting an intention for the new year could help you feel more grounded going into 2021. Things are indeed beginning to look up, so why not add some extra assurance with a space that reflects that? 

You know what they say: out with the old and in with the new—what a perfect motto for this particular transition. We’re all ready to kiss 2020 goodbye, so why not make this coming new chapter official by refreshing your room? Keep reading for more on--

  • How to make your new room fit your budget
  • How to figure out your vibe
  • Room inspo to help you get started
woman and man studying
Want to redecorate your room but not sure where to start? We get it. Curating your space and making it look cohesive can feel daunting, but it’s also a ton of fun. For a thought practice that’ll get those interior design juices flowing, look no further than right below. Image courtesy of Pexels.

Brainstorming For The Ultimate Room Overhaul

No college student is created equally, which means not everyone has the same needs for their space. When planning your room refresh, a great way to begin planning is by checking in with yourself mentally, physically, and logistically. Here are a few things to consider before shopping around--

What’s Your Budget?

One of the first things to consider when looking into refreshing your room is what you can feasibly do. College students are known for their empty pockets. But because of that, they’re also known for being resourceful. 

What To Do If Things Are Tight

If spending money isn’t the move right now, that’s okay. There are plenty of ways to spruce your space without hurting the bank. We recommend rolling up those sleeves and looking up some DIY projects that lend themselves to your vision. It’ll not only keep you busy during the remaining months of quarantine but solidify your vibe for the new year. 

Not a crafter? No worries. You can still change things up. It’s surprising how doing something as simple as rearranging furniture can make your room feel brand new. 

When You Have A Little Extra To Work With

If you happen to have some spending money on your hands, some new decor is a great use for it! There’s nothing quite like coming to a home that feels like an extension of yourself, and by investing in your space, you can absolutely make that happen. Whether it’s something as small as a new print on the wall or a full room redo, you won’t regret it. It may take some compromise (i.e., minimizing your daily coffee budget), but trust us, it’s worth it. 

What’s Your New Year’s Room Resolution?

So you have your budget sorted out. Now, the question is, what are you looking to get out of your New Year’s room makeover? 

A Relaxation Haven

If you tend to live in stress city, this section is for you. Whether you lean towards anxiety or are saddled with school-related responsibilities, there are lots you can do to make your space feel like a great escape. 

A good way to think about this is through the senses--touch, smell, and sight. Making your space fit your personal aesthetic is crucial, but with that said, there are certain rules of thumb to go by if you’re seeking some chill time. For peak relaxation, go for a color scheme that soothes you. Generally, neutrals and cool colors are a safe bet, and reds are, well, in the red zone. 

Surround yourself with textures that are warm and fuzzy--literally. A soft throw blanket, a shaggy rug, or even some textured throw pillows will serve you well when you feel like curling up after a long day. 

For those who respond to aromatherapy, grab yourselves some scented candles that fit your taste. And if you want to put your at-home scents to work, invest in an essential oil diffuser and a relax-themed set. If you resonate with spirituality, get some incense and palo santo to have on hand. 

A Place For Inspiration

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed creative or artist or are feeling stagnant, surrounding yourself with things that fit your flow is essential. 

For Minimalists

If your mental clarity is reflected by the state of your space, go for a minimalist look--clean lines, neutral colors, and little clutter. If you live in a dorm room, minimalism can be a challenge given the limited space. Still, there are solutions. 

Take an inventory of what you really need. It’s easy to overpack. Since getting something you’ve missed or forgotten isn’t always possible--especially if your school is hours away from home and you’re newly independent. But after some experience living on your own, you probably have a sense of what you do and don’t actually use. You don’t have to completely Marie Kondo and get rid of what doesn’t bring joy. Instead, consider sending what you don’t use back home! 

Another great option is to up your organization game by investing in some storage for your room. A storage trunk is great for those days when we need a quick tidy. It’ll look great both while you live in the dorm and for years after.  

For Curators

If you’re a pro Pinterest-er, the new year might be a good time to transfer your interior design inspo from your board to your room. This year, fill your space with things that look like the life you want to live in 2021. 

Artists, carve out a corner for your lightbulb moments. Fashionistas, set up a wall version of your digital mood board. Even if you’re not the manifesting type, there’s something to be said for making your room look like the person you want to be. 

Woman standing near window
Looking past 2020, we’re hoping for some lightness in the way of health, both physical and mental. Our environments are crucial to each—image courtesy of iStock.

Some New Bedding For A Fresh, Restful New Beginning

Some new dorm decor sounds like the perfect way to welcome some fresh energy for the new year, but not all of us are inclined towards interior design. Even so, we all deserve a fresh-looking abode. And dorm decor is what we do best. And in our experience, the most memorable part of the room is where we catch those Zzzs. Changing your bedding is one of the simplest ways to refresh your room, and as a result, your mind.

Here are some models that’ll give you that extra push--

A Clean Slate For A New Year

Dorm room
Solids don’t have to be plain--this dorm is proof. Image courtesy of By Sophia Lee.

If you find yourself in need of a sense of peace, try going for a comforter that feels like a canvas--a light, airy color, minimal prints, a cozy texture. By doing this, your sheets and duvet will remind you of a clean slate every time you go to sleep.

For Those Who Want To Be Bold In 2021

With quarantine taking up most of 2020, looking at the same old lines and colors may have left you a tad uninspired. This year, don’t be afraid to experiment! Your new decorative comforter might just give you the spark you need to dream a better dream.

For Getting A Comfy Start To The New Year

With everything that’s been going on in the past year, it makes sense to surround yourself with as much comfort as possible. Whether you already have a trusty comfort object or practice, a little extra never hurt anyone. Don’t be afraid to adorn your bed with some more plush. Grab yourself some new decorative pillows and an extra throw blanket, and you’ll be all set to handle whatever this year throws your way.

Whatever the case has been for you in 2020, we hope you’ve gotten through with enough hope to bring you into the new year. If things have been tough, we hear you. Sometimes changing our surroundings, whether in a dorm or at home, can be the perfect way to set the stage for some new energy. The best part? You get to decide the feel you want to go for. We hope some of these ideas have ignited your creative spark. Wishing you a happy, healthy new year! Let’s make it happen.