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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

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As the semester ends, you know that fall finals week 2022 is right around the corner. Soon enough students will be busy studying for final exams, putting together final projects, and working to stay calm as they finish up their semester. If you know a student who is quickly approaching finals week, you may not think there’s much you can do for them. But there is! You could always send them a care package to show that you care, and that you’re thinking of them at this stressful and difficult time. 

If you’re unsure what to send, not to worry, we’ve put together a list of items you can include in a homemade care package, as well as a few of our favorite already made care packages. No matter which one you choose to send, just know that they are very much appreciated by any student going through finals. 

In this article, we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • A recap of why finals week is so hard on students
  • The best kind of items to include in a care package 
  • Our favorite care package options that are ready to send to your student for their 2022 finals!

Why Finals Week is So Tough

Why it’s so hard for students during this week of exams, papers, and presentations

collage students walking

Finals week is always the hardest week in the semester. Whether it’s your first time taking finals at college, or you’re a graduating senior, finals week always requires you to perform at your best! Image courtesy of Best Colleges.

While it might seem like an easy question to answer regarding why finals week is so tough on students, it’s actually a little more nuanced than that. Yes finals week is hard because there are exams that are designed to test their knowledge of the entire semester, which is hard enough by itself. Multiply that same kind of test happening in each of their courses, and you may begin to understand why it can be incredibly stressful! 

On top of exams that require them to be ready to explain any topic that was discussed throughout the entire semester, there are also courses that require final papers and even presentations. That’s a lot to do for anyone! But what really gets students stressed out isn’t just the amount of tests they take or papers that are due, it’s the short amount of time they have to complete them all. Typically finals week is just that, one business week of five days (although sometimes exams take place over the weekend) to cram in all the exams and deadlines for papers and projects. 

While some schools have started to extend finals time, many others are still asking students to sometimes take two final exams in the same day. This makes it hard to prioritize which test to study for, not to mention include some time for a much-needed break. This can lead to a lot of stress, which over extended periods of time, is never good for the body.

Not only is that mentally draining, but physically and emotionally as well. Now you can see why it’s such a crazy time for students—and why they may just need a little something extra to help them through their busy week. 

In order to help balance out the stress of finals, it’s crucial to remember to take care of yourself (or a student you know at school!) While you may not have a lot of say in when your final exams and papers are due, you do have a say in how you prepare for them. And this involves taking care of yourself! 

Tips to help you stay at your best, even during this stressful time include:

  1. Remember to take breaks throughout the day. If you have a particularly packed finals week, write in time on your planner or organizer for breaks. This way, you can’t forget to take them! Use the time to do something that makes you happy, whether that’s reading, meditating, walking, or watching a quick show.   

  1. Protect your sleep time. Remember, it’s not a competition to see who can stay up the longest studying. First, it’s unhelpful, and second it’s bad for your health. Make sure you plan your studying so that you’re not forced to sacrifice sleep. If there’s one thing that can really throw off your health, it’s lack of sleep.

  1. Stay physical. Use your break time or before your day (or before you turn in at night) for physical exercise. It’s an incredible way to relieve stress and to allow your mind to rest while you concentrate on your body.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Even if you’ve been known to procrastinate, don’t. Finals week is not the time to wait until the last minute. Plan your week ahead of time and you’ll never need to panic because you’re cramming at the last minute.
OCM calendar organizer
Planners are a must-have item for students during finals week.

  1. This is temporary! While it may seem like finals week will never end, it will, trust us. Take it one day at time, and you’ll be looking back on all you accomplished in no time. 

What to Include in a Care Package for Finals Week

These items are must-haves for a care package sent from the heart

delicious snacks for finals week
You know your student best, so include their favorite snacks and maybe a few useful items as well! Image courtesy of Food Business News.

When you’re thinking about what to send your student during finals week, it helps to consider what they’ll need in between exams and papers, when they have a little time to devote to themselves. In other words, what can they easily take on the go with them, or what can they open up and use for those precious breaks in between studying in their dorm rooms? Once you think about that, try breaking them down into a couple of categories and include items that you know they’ll just love!

Sweet snacks

Everyone has a sweet spot, and it’s hard to get this one wrong! You can include any kind of sweet treats that your student likes, from Reese’s cups, to Crunch bars, to maybe even some Starbursts. These are all great additions to your care package because they don’t take up much room, and they’re easily transported anywhere on campus. Plus, did you know that chocolate may help improve focus and attention span, which is great for long study sessions!

If you know your student really likes a particular kind of hot cocoa or other sweet beverage, feel free to include that as well. There’s nothing better than slowing down once in a while and indulging in a little chocolate or taking a few sips of a sweet tea or fruity drink. No need to go overboard here, we want to make sure that these sweet snacks are a treat, and not a part of their daily diet while studying!

Healthy snacks

To balance those sweet snacks, make sure to include some healthier options as well. The nice little jolt of energy or drive you can get from sugar is great, but eventually it goes away. You’ll also want to include items that will provide energy and keep them full for longer—so they can concentrate on what they’re doing and not need to worry about their next meal. Items like granola bars, instant oatmeal, nuts, and low sugar individual cereal boxes are all easy to make in a dorm, or to bring along anywhere on campus. 

Since fresh fruits may start to go bad by the time they reach your student, opt instead for dried fruits (just be mindful of the sugar amount). You could also include their favorite beverages such as hot tea or Keurig cups for their coffee maker, both are a good reason to take a study break and enjoy a hot beverage while they relax for a bit. 

Something useful

Your student is going to be concentrating on their exam schedule for the week, and not where they accidentally left their water bottle. This is why it’s always good to include something useful in addition to the snacks. Items like water bottles and travel coffee/tea cups ensure that they have a backup should their original one go missing. You might also want to include an extra pair of socks, or any school supply you feel they may have run out of (think pencils, pens, notebooks). 

You also know your student best, so if they’re always losing hair ties, or their phone charger, you can also easily pack in one of those too. All of these items are easy to bring along in their backpack, allowing them a chance to stay hydrated, stay full, and keep their energy up for studying and working on those papers.

travel mug for coffee or tea

Including a useful item like a back up coffee/tea travel mug is a great time saver. They can refill it with their favorite caffeinated beverage, and then use it for water for the rest of the day! Image courtesy of The Spruce Eats

Something playful

It’s always good to include something to make them smile while students are tackling some tough study sessions, exams, and final papers. Why not include little post it notes to give them encouragement, but to also let them know they’ve got this and there is light at the end of the tunnel! Bonus points for making the note match up with the item you’re sending for example:

  • Consider sticking a note that says “When you work hard now, you can play later” to a pack of Now and Laters
  • Why not let them know they are ready and prepared for anything finals throws at them with a “Now is the time to show off your mounds of learning” attached to a Mounds bar
  • Or with a packet of microwave popcorn, you can attach a note that says “It’s a fact the answers to your exam will just POP into your head”

You can really have a great time with this, and we’re sure your student will definitely appreciate all the positive vibes you’re sending their way. 

Another bit of encouragement you can include is to let them know that it's also okay to take a break. You could include a gift card to their favorite restaurant in the area, or a gift card for Doordash or GrubHub when they just don’t feel like leaving their textbooks for the cafeteria. Because sometimes a little food reward can certainly go a long way! 

Alternatively, you could let them know that a gift card awaits them once finals week is done. It’s a great way to reward them for all their hard work!

A little something from home

Whether it’s a picture of their beloved pet, their favorite sweater they accidentally left at home, or just a nice framed picture of the family, your student will definitely appreciate a slice of home in their care package. Other ideas include a book they loved as a child, or even a small stuffed animal for encouragement and support. 

They’re aware that they need to get through this tough week in order to enjoy some rest and relaxation at home, and offering up a little bit of it is a great way to motivate them to ace those exams and turn in their papers early. 

Easy ways to destress

When they have a few minutes throughout the day, or even right before bed each night, it’s a good idea to include some de-stressing items in your care package. This could be an aromatherapy set, some calming lotion, their favorite herbal tea, or a book of poetry. Whatever you think could help them unwind, include it in their package.

One of the best ways to ensure they’re ready for their finals each day is to ensure they’re getting good sleep the night before. Lavender scented pillow spray or a soft eye mask to block out the light are fantastic ways to make sure your student is getting the slumber they need to be well rested for the day ahead of them. 

Whether you choose to send a care package you put together, or choose one that’s ready made, you’re going to bring a smile to your student’s face during finals week!