What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs,

blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and

format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Since the start of the pandemic, online delivery sales have gone through the roof. Many avid online shoppers choose Amazon for its convenience and ultra-fast delivery. But a growing number of people have grown distrustful of Amazon for its questionable working conditions and lack of sustainability. For years, people have pointed out Amazon’s dodgy business practices and the questionable treatment of its employees. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to an Amazon care package, you have plenty of options to choose from. Check out our top selections and advice for creating a care package without using Amazon now. 

5 Reasons for Choosing an Amazon Alternative

Why Amazon Isn’t Necessarily the Best Destination for Care Packages

Amazon offers almost everything you could ever want in an e-commerce platform. From the latest home security systems to the newest fashions, Amazon seems to have it all. Plus, it offers extremely fast shipping. 

Unfortunately, Amazon also has a shady history of unethical business practices. Here are just four reasons why a number of customers have stopped ordering products from Amazon. 

1. There are more sustainable options out there

Amazon Prime might be convenient, but it’s bad for the environment. When a large number of consumers choose rushed delivery options like the two-day shipping selection that Amazon offers, this can end up causing an influx of delivery trucks on the road. Rather than consolidating deliveries, companies prioritize fast deliveries and end up sending out different drivers. With a greater number of vehicles on the road comes more traffic and carbon emissions. 

2. Amazon has a history of exploiting its workers

For years, Amazon has faced serious accusations of exploiting their global workforce. For instance, ambulance services in the UK were called over to the Amazon warehouse over a span of three years. A former UK warehouse worker recalled spending 10 and a half hour shifts on his feet while frantically moving items to their correct locations to avoid receiving a stern warning from his manager. 

At their Chinese workhouse, an undercover journalist discovered that workers were expected to clean 1,400 Echo Dot speakers a day using only a toothbrush that was dipped in alcohol. Another investigation found that workers were dealt with 60-hour work weeks at extremely low pay rates. 

3. The company has gotten in trouble for invading customer privacy

Some of Amazon’s smart products such as Alexa, Ring, and Echo have faced intense scrutiny over the years in regards to privacy concerns. 

In 2019, reports claimed that Ring mishandled its video service and failed to tell customers that their videos would be reviewed by other people. Amazon employees also had views into the live feeds of their customers. In the past, Amazon also admitted to listening to actual voice recordings captured by the Alexa smart speaker in order to improve their voice recognition software. 

4. Amazon dominates many of the current markets online

As one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, Amazon enjoys a significant amount of dominance against competitors and smaller businesses. By offering quick shipping options at inexpensive prices, Amazon is able to beat out a number of businesses who can’t deliver the same deal. 

In order to keep up with Amazon’s massive popularity, these smaller retailers will join as third-party sellers. However, they are forced to give up 15% of their revenue in order to join. 

5. Tax Avoidance

Amazon is known for seeking out different loopholes so it can pay the lowest amount of tax possible. Thanks to tax credits and a tax break for executive stock options in 2018, Amazon paid no U.S. federal tax on its 11 billion-dollar profit. The company also makes a decent amount of money from its taxpayer subsidies. 

Assemble Your Own Basket

Gather all of your loved one’s favorite gifts and treats in one, decorative package

While purchasing a pre-made basket tends to be more convenient than assembling your own custom basket, it often lacks a personal touch. Creating your own basket also gives you numerous opportunities for supporting local businesses and craftsmen. Come see where you can purchase locally-made, sustainable gifts for your care package now. 


One of the most popular care package items to pack is food. Whether you want to bake homemade cupcakes to celebrate your friend’s graduation or send a box of chocolates to congratulate your sibling for getting a promotion at work, there are a number of delicious items you can whip up and send to friends and family members. 

When shopping for foods and ingredients to send in a care package, try to avoid shopping at Amazon or Whole Foods. There are plenty of local grocery stores and bakeries where you can purchase your items. 

If your loved one enjoys tea or coffee, don’t forget to add a couple of packets into their gift basket! 


As we move into fall, we need to update our closets and purchase some appropriate autumn attire. Scarves, headbands, belts, necklaces, and headbands are great accessories to add to you and your loved ones’ fall wardrobes. 

While Amazon offers a wide variety of stylish clothing and accessories, you can find similar options at places that follow much more ethical and sustainable business practices. Stores like thredUP and Goodwill are perfect for thrifting different clothes and accessories. Other popular clothing brands that are dedicated to ethical fashion practices include:

  • Pact
  • Patagonia
  • Alternative Apparel
  • Levi’s
  • Vetta
  • ABLE
  • Thought Clothing

You can find eco-friendly accessories and clothing at all of these stores. The next time you’re looking for a new accessory or a gift card to give a loved one, consider purchasing one from an ethical clothing brand. 

Home Goods and Decorations

Candles, towels, coffee makers, picture frames, and other home goods are perfect additions to any gift basket. Being able to spruce up one’s home with a new item can always brighten someone’s day. 

If you consider yourself to be a crafty person, you can make your own custom candles, embroider new table napkins, or create your own picture frames to add to your care package. However, you can also purchase these items at local boutique shops. Stores like T.J. Maxx, Ross, and Target also sell a number of decorative household items.

Makeup and Spa Items

Who doesn’t need an occasional spa day? Spoil your friends and family members with face masks, lotion, bath bombs, soap and other luxurious spa items. You can purchase skin products and cosmetics from ethical brands like bareMinerals, Fenty Beauty, and The Body Shop. There are also numerous videos and guides online for making custom bath bombs and soap yourself. 


Finding a basket to place your care package items shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are shipping the basket to a far away place, you can either place the items directly into the shipping container and add wrapping paper inside or ship all of the items inside a wrapped basket. For care packages that don’t need to travel a long distance, you can find a decorative basket or box at a local art store like Michaels to pack all of your items in.  

Cards and Notes

When it comes to creating a care package, it is always a good idea to add something special and personal. Writing your own card is an easy and simple way to personalize your package before sending it off to your loved one. You don’t have to use fancy stationary to write your letter, but it does add a sense of formality and elegance. 

Times are tough with the pandemic still affecting our everyday lives. Sometimes, we just need some positivity and reassurance that everything will turn out fine. Add encouraging notes and affirmation quotes to help your loved one stay upbeat and motivated during this trying time. 

Pre-Assembled Care Packages from Independent Retailers

Find custom care packages from sustainable and reputable sources

If you don’t have time to make your own custom care package, you can purchase a pre-made one from an independent retailer outside of Amazon. Even if your care package isn’t completely custom made, your loved one will still adore and appreciate it. Some of the best care packages come premade. Check out this list of Amazon care package alternatives below. 

Food Packages

Food packages are perfect for cheering up your friend and keeping them filled with delicious food. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, food care packages are always a safe present to send. This Premium Snack Gift Basket offers a number of savory snacks such as trail mix, roasted peanuts, cheese, cookies and crackers. 


Do you have a friend or family member heading back to college? Keep them fueled and charged up for a successful year with a food care package. At college, snacks are essential for keeping your loved ones energized and ready to work.You can include a number of savory items, such as Cheetos, pretzels, Cheez-Its, chips, and popcorn! 

Safety Care Packages

Keep your loved ones safe and healthy with a PPE Safety Kit. No matter where they are, wearing masks and keeping hand sanitizer nearby is critical for ensuring their safety. A simple care package featuring the essentials such as masks and hand sanitizer bottles is perfect helping your friends and family members get through this pandemic. 

Quarantine and self-isolation can be rough. As much as we miss hanging out with our friends and going out, doing so isn’t safe at the moment. You can cheer your friends up during this tough time by sending them a custom care package made by you.